A song to Dylan displays a projection of an artist that sings a silent song to the streets. A song to the people he meets, who don’t listen anymore. “But lovers & liars are both much the same. We are all playing this ridiculous game”. These days life runs two steps ahead of us and we all just try to keep up. This projection of a busker tries to find his place in this world with a constant thought, that he just wants to sing. Since 2008, the switch project is a continuing investigation into place, locating art in public space in a contextually focused way. International film and video artworks are back projected for one week onto the windows of shops and other spaces throughout the town. switch locates itself outside of the big city and applies itself to the rhythm of smaller places. The events initiate conversations between  artists and audiences, artworks and their sites. Now in its 5th year, switch is an artist-led project funded & supported by the North Tipperary Arts Office.